What To Wear To The Portsea Polo

With less than 48 hours to the summer event of the year, we thought we’d put together a quick guide for the gents out there needing some last minute ideas on What To Wear To The Portsea Polo.

Weather Outlook

The weather for Saturday is looking like a cool 18 degrees in Portsea with a small 11% chance of rain. This is actually good weather for a Polo outfit as it means you can wear the full jacket and pants and look great, yet feel comfortable without sweating a treat throughout the day.

Outfit Options

Contrasting separates colours is a great way to start with your outfit selection. By this we mean a different coloured jacket to the pant, but one that contrasts well with the colour. For example, a blue jacket with a pair of white pants and loafers and a printed shirt is always a killer combo.

Or you might like a softer pastel coloured blazer such as the one Paul Juchima wore at last year’s event with a silver grey pair of chino pants. Note the contrast in the pocket square which gives the blazer an extra lift:

As it’s a summer event, those good-feeling pastel-type summer colours always work really well. But we’re seeing emerald and olive greens pop up this year, especially with off-white and yellow contrast colours.

The Shoes

At a summer event such as the Polo it’s hard to go past a pair of loafers and the sockless look is definitely the choice of the day. There’s various loafers to choose from so depending on your outfit try on a couple of options to see which one not only looks the best, but is the most comfortable for you to wear. My two current favourite shoes are the Buckle loafer and the Tassel loafer.

Buckle loafer

The name speaks for itself, but the loafer has a buckle across the front of it, adding a stylish touch to a nice looking shoe.

Tassel loafer

The Tassel loafer is a bit more relaxed, with a hanging tassel off the front of it. They look smart and as you can see here, they add some good texture to your overall outfit.

The Sunglasses

Gents, be sure to take a pair of sunglasses! It will be glarey on the day so don’t get caught out. Another tip from us is that a pair of sunnies actually rounds out your look and are especially good for photos (people can’t see your eyes!).

Well that’s it, we hope you got a lot out of this last minute guide. If you have any further questions, send Paul Juchima a DM via his Instagram account @paul_juchimaCheers,


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