Black suits are a popular everyday suit for the office, the business function or the red carpet event. In Australia, we’ve seen a big resurgence in your lighter, brighter blue suits, various shades of grey along with your typical navy colour. What we don’t see any of, is the colour aubergine. And this brings us to today’s post: Why Aubergine Is The New Black. So what is the aubergine colour? Here in Australia it’s often referred to as an eggplant – you know that oval shaped vegetable the size of

Well you’ve probably noticed that Melbourne had an early start to winter this year. It’s been icy cold in the mornings since mid-May, something we haven’t experienced here for a decade! Hopefully that means the winter will end sooner and summer will be here before we know it! 😉 I’ve decided to put these looks together for all of our followers in cooler climates, whether you’re in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, this post should be able to provide you with a couple of dapper options to ensure you step

With winter now upon us here in the southern hemisphere, it’s time to think about the best ways to keep warm while being comfortable and remaining stylish. If you’re looking to add some uber cool style to your look, consider wearing a trench coat versus a traditional thick woolen jacket or overcoat. The trench coat became popular post World War I after it was used by the military, developed with a rugged fabric called gabardine. The fabric was resistant to the elements and so it became a fashion statement. One

What a better way to get over the hump day with a checked shirt a matching tie and pocket square?! Here I’ve put together a smart casual look and added a tie and pocket square to give it some extra class. I’m wearing a pair of straight legged denim jeans and a slim fit checked shirt and have match an Italian silk navy tie with a navy pocket square and topped with a light grey blazer. Not to mention the stunning Tan Brogue shoes from Calibre! The navy tones work

Have you ever woken up on a Monday morning after a busy weekend and felt a bit flat? It’s often referred to as ‘the Monday blues’ or in Australia we also call it ‘Monday-itis’ – where you find it a bit tough to get motivated and as a result, are not very productive. Here we outline 4 Ways To Beat The Monday Blues to help you get through that negative mind set and have a successful day and week: Dress for success: If you’re feeling a bit sluggish when you

No.Paparazzi has teamed with our friends at Bondi Laces ( to give you, one lucky and loyal follower, a chance to win 3 pairs of stunning, colourful and uber cool laces to put into your favourite shoes!! All you have to do is: Follow both @no.paparazzi and @bondilaces on Instagram Tag 3 friends in our Instagram ‘Giveaway’ post Use the hashtag #nopaparazziXbondilaces when tagging your 3 friends. The winner will be announced at approximately 5pm on Friday 29th May. NOTE: Competition Begins 22nd May 12pm (AEST). Competition Closes 29th May

Scenario: You have an afternoon function to attend to – the sun is shining and the air is balmy. You want to wear a jacket with pants but you’re not sure whether to put on a white, more formal shirt or go for something a bit funkier like a light floral shirt. Well, look no further to make your decision! Here’s the No.Paparazzi Man’s 3 Reasons Why  Floral Shirts Can Spice Up Your Look: 1. It’ll enhance your sex appeal. Why? The sun is shining, the drinks are being poured

When you’re looking to buy a suit, do you ever think about the buttons on the sleeves – or are you just thinking about the single versus double breasted jacket debate? Here we look at the three most common types of sleeve buttons on a suit: the Non-Kissing, the Kissing Non-Stacked and the Kissing Stacked. Our image here features what’s known as the Kissing Non-Stacked sleeve buttons, which is when the four buttons are touching side-by-side but are not overlapping. The Non-Kissing sleeve button is where the buttons aren’t touching

As winter approaches in the southern hemisphere, there’s still some mild sunny days left in Melbourne. If you’re heading out to an afternoon event and want to brighten up your day, look for a pop of colour in your outfit. This can be in the form of a shirt, jacket, tie or pocket square. Here we have a checked shirt in some happy colours – aqua blues and pinks. A softer pink jacket really brings out the shirt and gives a fun yet stylish feel about it. You will certainly

Have you often looked outside when it’s raining and said “Oh, not again?!” Well, it’s time to brighten up those rain clouds outside and put on some happy lookin’ socks!! If you’re putting on your suit, some jeans or a pair of chinos, pick out a bright pair of socks to liven up your look. You can co-ordinate the sock colours with a shirt, tie or pocket square that you’re wearing, so there’s a bit of a theme to your look. You’ll also add a bit of fun to the

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