Saturday Pairings – How Are You Stepping Out Today?

Scenario: You have a reasonably formal function on this afternoon, it’s a bit cooler outside and the sun is starting to shine. You want to look smart, yet relaxed…

Solution: “Pairing”, as it’s sometimes known in menswear, usually means wearing contrast colours to maximise the effect of each piece in your outfit. A classic Saturday afternoon on a cooler, yet sunny day can be approached with the look I’ve put together today:

1. A Navy Jacket or Blazer: this can be single breasted or double breasted, depending on what works best for you on any given day 🙂

2. Tan Pants: These keep the look smart, but more relaxed than a dark suit pant or trouser. You can wear a stone/sand/cream or white pant colour if that works better with your jacket.

3. Blue Shirt: Here I’ve chosen a sky blue shirt colour, as this contrasts well with both the tan pant and the navy jacket. A semi-spread or cutaway collar will add some extra style.

4. Navy Tie: To match the jacket, I’ve chosen a navy tie that has some texture to it, as this will add an additional element to your outfit. And let’s face it, everyone notices a classy tie!

5. Dress Shoes: It’s always important to have a decent pair of shoes when you’re dressing up. Here I’ve gone for the tan derby shoe without the socks, to take advantage of the last days of our Autumn warmer weather and to add a bit of fun to the look.

6. Pocket Square: Always top off a smart jacket look with a pocket square. Colour selection is open to interpretation. Try and pair the square with a dominant colour in your look: this can be the shirt, the tie, the pant or the jacket. Or in my case here, I’ve chosen a white and navy spotted pocket square which contrasts well with the jacket.

7. Belt: A basic rule is for the belt to match the shoes. If you’re wearing tan shoes, wear a tan belt.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up and have a bit of fun. Drop me a line if you have any questions and thanks for reading!!

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