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Inspiration comes from many sources. Be it a favourite song, a long hike in the mountains, or even a past experience, good or bad, that motivates you to become a better person every day. Taking a weekend road trip is another source where inspiration can be derived from. That feeling of freedom and the open roads helps clear the head and relieve any stress from the week of work you’ve just had. I was recently in the U.S. and went on a memorable weekend road trip to Palm Springs in

As an Ambassador for Panasonic Lumix cameras, I had the opportunity to test the powerful, light and compact Lumix GX-85 mirrorless camera – and gee did it pack a punch for its weight! I’d long been on the lookout for a camera that was small enough to carry around without being too obtrusive, but that had the performance and features of a larger DSLR camera. I’d heard great things about Lumix compact cameras in general and had heard a lot about its new mirrorless cameras. As Techradar explains it, mirrorless

We all love the element of surprise and there’s nothing better than the build up of mystery behind a big event. Heineken selected a handful of influencers and celebrities along with a number of competition winners to board a mystery train ride from Melbourne’s Southern Cross Station. From here, we were taken in darkness to a platform in Melbourne’s inner west near Kensington, stopping directly outside a huge brick warehouse like something in the movies. With green neon lights flashing on the spray painted walls upon entry and trays of

What better way to escape the cold Melbourne winter than by jumping on a plane to warmer pastures. Bali is the perfect place for it as it’s close by (a 5hr flight), it’s well priced and when you get there you can do as little or as much as you like! When I stay in the Seminyak region my resort of choice is The Samaya Villas. Why? I could go on forever. Here’s my top 5 reasons: Pure Luxury: We’re not talking a basic villa here. The Samaya Villas are

Easter is a time to get away and unwind with the family or friends. For me, there’s no better place than Easter back at home on the Surf Coast. With the world’s greatest surfing event the Rip Curl Pro held at Bells Beach every year, the town of Torquay in Victoria sees a huge influx of visitors seeking to watch the professional male and female surfers in action. There’s not many sports in the world where you’ll see professional athletes on the streets, in the surf lineups or in the

Whenever I think of Barcelona, I automatically think of sunshine, architecture, nightlife and tapas. There’s always something to do in this wonderful city with so much history. Just walking outside each morning to get a morning cup of un café latté will get you smiling. Here I list 8 Things to Do In Barcelona (bar-the-lo-na in Catalan): 1. See the many Gaudi-designed buildings that are like no other. Antoni Gaudi was born in 1852 and received his degree in Architecture in 1878. His designs were extremely unique and inspired by

The Petronas Towers of Kuala Lumpur have amazing views as far as the eye can see. They’re a landmark of power and vision and are joined mid-way by a walk bridge that will make your heart flutter! Have you been there? We’d love to hear about your experience. #nopaparazziman

We love the coastal villages of Italy. Especially the Amalfi coast, it’s one of the most beautiful scenic coastline drives in the world. Italy’s coastline is full of these wonderful villages, from the Liguria region in the north, to the Amalfi region in the south. When you come to the small town of Positano, you’ll feel like you’re in a dream. The beautiful multi-coloured houses float on the steep cliff side almost falling into the stunning aqua sea that is the Mediterranean. If you get the chance, get on a

Florence (Firenze) – a city with stunning architecture, delicious food (and the gelato!!) and an amazing vibe.  You can easily get lost down the endless laneways, but that’s all part of the fun! There’s always something happening and the little bars are full of life. Have you been there? We’d love to hear about your experience!!  

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