6 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dad

Fathers Day Gift Ideas For Dad

It’s coming up to that special time of year when we get to celebrate all good things about Dad.

Parents are such big influences in our lives as children so it’s great to be able to dedicate a special day to each of them throughout the year. As we grow older, trying to find your dad that special Father’s Day gift sometimes gets a bit too overwhelming, so here I’ve put together 6 Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Dad that are affordable and will have your dad feeling great on his special day.

1. Eau de toilette / Aftershave

A good quality aftershave is an essential element for every man. Whether it be for daily use or for that special night out, a nice smelling scent will get the male juices flowing.

Think about what type of Dad yours is – for example rugged, strong, calm, fresh and try and adapt those traits to the scent of the aftershave. Does he like fruity or florally type of scents? Does he have any allergies to scents? All these things should be considered when selecting the right scent.

The Hugo Boss The Scent aftershave has particular tones of of Ginger, Lavender, African Maninka fruit and Leather that stimulate the senses in a time-released formula.

Hugo Boss - The Scent. Father's Day 2017 Gift Ideas

Hugo Boss – The Scent

Hugo Boss - The Scent. Father's Day 2017 Gift Ideas

Hugo Boss – The Scent.

2. Funky Socks

Gone are the days of wearing plain socks and Dads are not immune to the Funky Socks trend! Dad’ like to feel young at any opportunity (present company included!) so buying a pair of cool socks for Father’s Day should be high up on the gift list.

Your Dad doesn’t have to wear a suit to wear Funky Socks. He can wear jeans or chinos with printed socks, so find out how your dad likes to dress and what type of socks would suit his personality. For example, a bright coloured sock such as a yellow with a blue pattern might suit a Dad who’s a bit more of an extravert, whereas a navy blue sock with a light blue print might suit the more conservative introverted Dad.

Funky Socks for Dad. Gift Ideas for Father's Day 2017

Funky Socks for Dad.

3. A Woollen Scarf

This one is perfect for those cooler months. In Australia, Father’s Day is the first Sunday in September when we have officially entered into the Spring season. But that means you can pick up a high quality, woollen scarf at a great price that will keep your Dad warm for many winters to come.

Look for a high-end fabric such as pure wool or cashmere, as these fabrics will be warmer than any blend out there. Also think about a scarf that would be versatile, to wear with jeans and a sweater or a suit.

Woollen Scarf - Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2017

Not only does a scarf keep you warm, but looks great too!

Woollen Scarf - Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2017

The woollen scarf is a perfect accessory for Dad.

Woollen Scarf - Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2017

The woollen scarf works great with a suit.

4. Moisturiser

Moisturiser is an essential daily item and travel item to help keep the skin hydrated. While some Dad’s might not be comfortable using it, it’s never too late to introduce it and change their mind.

Check if your Dad has any skin or scent allergies when choosing the right moisturiser to ensure he doesn’t have any reactions.

Moisturiser - Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2017

Moisturiser is a must have for any man this Fathers Day.

5. Wallet

If you’re after a gift for Dad that consistently gets a good response, look no further than a wallet. There’s so many different options around, from large wallets that have removable card holders, to the smaller ‘night-out’ wallets that hold a couple of cards and some cash.

Choose a colour that’s versatile. Black is one that’s popular, while grey, tan and navy also work well with a range of clothing options.

Hugo Boss Wallet - Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2017

A wallet is a staple accessory for Dad this Fathers Day.

Hugo Boss Wallet - Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2017

The leather of your wallet can be smooth or come in different grains.

Hugo Boss Wallet - Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2017

Close up details of this wallet.

6. Hat

Whether your dad is a keen golfer, loves to go for a walk or has other outdoor hobbies, buying a hat is a great staple gift idea that will keep him looking great whilst also protecting him from the harsh UV rays.

Hugo Boss Mens Hat - Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2017

For any outdoorsy Dad or keen golfer, a hat is a great addition

Hugo Boss Mens Hat - Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2017

Your Dad is the Boss. Let him show it with a hat!

I hope this list of Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dad will get your started in your search for the perfect gift for your special Dad this Father’s Day 2017.

A big thanks to Hugo Boss Australia for sending us some sample gift items for this post!


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