4 Reasons Why You Should Wear A Windowpane Suit!

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Windowpane Wednesday’s is a term I often use for my Wednesday inspired Instagram posts. But what exactly is a windowpane suit you might ask?

You may have seen the odd guy walking down the street wearing a suit or jacket with some square-like patterns on it and thought to yourself ‘gee that looks a bit different’. That pattern in fact is known as the ‘windowpane’, which is essentially referring to a a pane of glass in a row of windows printed onto a suit!

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Subtle Windowpane front on (Photo credit: Greg Holland Photography)

The Windowpane suit is bold, yet it can have an element of subtlety to it. The square-like pattern can be a thinner style windowpane which is subtle and elegant. The pattern can also be thicker and bolder, which makes more of a power statement.


windowpane suit meaning

Bolder windowpane suit

Quite often the colour pattern of the windowpane will contrast with the suit. For example and in this photo below, I’m wearing a dark navy blue suit with a pale blue windowpane pattern. Being a thinner line in a light blue colour, it contrasts beautifully with the navy and in a subtle way. It’s so much more refreshing that your standard navy suit and also shows you have a sense of style and individuality.

windowpane suit style

Windowpane suits (Photo Credit: Greg Holland Photography)

Here’s my 4 reasons why you should wear a windowpane suit:

  1. It shows you have a sense of style. Match the bold patterned windowpane lines with a crisp white shirt, a textured knit tie, a silk pocket square and a pair of double monk shoes and you’ll be sure to get heads turning!
  2. It’ll give you confidence. There’s nothing like wearing a suit that’s not only well made, but that fits perfectly and looks great. You may get some smerks around the room, but you can take that as a compliment!
  3. It’ll separate you from the crowd. If you’re heading to a networking function or an event and you want to differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd, put on a windowpane suit and strut with confidence.
  4. It’s versatile: you can wear the jacket or pants as separates. For example, the navy windowpane jacket with white or tan chinos works really well for a weekend function or a casual Friday. Alternatively if you have a plain ivory, tan, light blue, or even a pale pink blazer and you want to add some boldness to your look, then you can match it with your windowpane pants and wear a pair of tassel loafers to top off the look.

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Thanks to Calibre for the new Autumn/Winter 2016 range windowpane suit.



Great suit to strut into the office building with! (Photo credit: Greg Holland Photography)


Style and subtle elegance. (Photo credit: Greg Holland Photography)

It's fitting for Window Pane Wednesday's to pull out one of the suits of the coming Spring/Summer - this light blue/grey window pane from @calibreaustralia. #nopaparazziman

Stunning windowpane design – Calibre SS15 windowpane suit (known as the quad check suit in their range)


Blue houndstooth

Great contrast in this jacket!

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