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December 2016

After years of drinking two coffees a day and some seriously fading teeth colour, I thought it was timely to visit my dentist to check out my teeth whitening options. I’ve always been a bit sceptical on whitening my teeth, however I felt I’d put a lot of time and effort into having nice teeth (no fillings yet!) that I might as well show them off. My dentist, Dental on Clarendon, assured me that the Zoom treatment would achieve the results that I was after – natural white teeth that

As an Ambassador for Panasonic Lumix cameras, I had the opportunity to test the powerful, light and compact Lumix GX-85 mirrorless camera – and gee did it pack a punch for its weight! I’d long been on the lookout for a camera that was small enough to carry around without being too obtrusive, but that had the performance and features of a larger DSLR camera. I’d heard great things about Lumix compact cameras in general and had heard a lot about its new mirrorless cameras. As Techradar explains it, mirrorless