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July 2016

ICONIC MALT MAKER TOURS AUSTRALIA TO CELEBRATE UNIQUE WHISKY COLLECTION THAT SPANS A 54-YEAR CAREER Iconic Malt Master, David Stewart, will be touring Australia next month to celebrate the whisky launch of a lifetime, The Balvenie’s DCS Compendium. Comprising of 25 extremely rare single cask bottlings and an accompanying book written by The Balvenie Global Ambassador and close colleague of David, Dr Sam Simmons, DCS Compendium is a magnificently detailed handover of one man’s skill and knowledge from his 54 years of experience in the industry. David is the world’s

Retail comes in a number of forms however the two main types I refer to here are ‘bricks and mortar’ physical stores and online ecommerce  stores. At the recent Online Retailer conference held in Sydney, I experienced what the new world of retail will be like in the future. A world driven by the needs and wants of the customer and a world driven by technology. Improving, customising and tracking the customer experience will be vital in the coming years. So how will this be done? For traditional retail, it

What better way to escape the cold Melbourne winter than by jumping on a plane to warmer pastures. Bali is the perfect place for it as it’s close by (a 5hr flight), it’s well priced and when you get there you can do as little or as much as you like! When I stay in the Seminyak region my resort of choice is The Samaya Villas. Why? I could go on forever. Here’s my top 5 reasons: Pure Luxury: We’re not talking a basic villa here. The Samaya Villas are