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March 2016

Whenever I think of Barcelona, I automatically think of sunshine, architecture, nightlife and tapas. There’s always something to do in this wonderful city with so much history. Just walking outside each morning to get a morning cup of un café latté will get you smiling. Here I list 8 Things to Do In Barcelona (bar-the-lo-na in Catalan): 1. See the many Gaudi-designed buildings that are like no other. Antoni Gaudi was born in 1852 and received his degree in Architecture in 1878. His designs were extremely unique and inspired by

Well, it’s official. Marks And Spencer Australia has launched its online store. On a balmy Sydney evening on Thursday set in a beautiful European home in the Eastern suburbs with a glowing aqua swimming pool, luscious green palm trees and some stylish guests, I had the pleasure of touring the beautiful property to view a range of items inside and out. The home was styled with the iconic brand’s latest on-trend products, from men’s and women’s fashion, to homewares, kids clothing and even active wear! Special guests included Rebecca Judd,

As someone who wears business shirts on a regular basis, I’m always looking to find the perfect fitting shirt. It must be a slim fit with a beautiful feeling fabric, be long enough in the arms, have the right type of collar for the occasion (e.g. spread, cutaway etc.), be comfortable and it must look and feel great on the body. That to me is the ultimate shirt. So when thinking about what makes the ultimate shirt, the first things that come to my mind are: quality materials, quality craftsmanship